COVID Mobility Works


Artist rendering of COVID experience
Nairobi, Kenya

The covid 19 pandemic has been spreading DANGEROUSLY FAST, thus the title of the  piece “ hatari” meaning danger In Kiswahili. The usage of the map was to show  how fast the covid 19 pandemic has spread affecting humans all over the world.

In Kenya the usage of matatus are very popular. They are a public means of transportation for the average Kenyan citizen. I used them regularly to commute to and from my football practice during evening hours.  However the matatu conductors weren’t adhering to the covid protocols, which was wearing basic masks and common use of hand sanitizer.

Due to the ignorance of the bus conductors, i feared getting covid 19. Therefore in my piece I wanted to bring out the fear and anxiety one feels by usage of matatus. My composition was inspired by the experience I personally experienced.

The family on the left was with two children to show people who are vulnerable, As for the future I hope matatu conductors can follow covid protocols so they reduce the risks of spreading the covid 19 virus.

Materials used: I used graphite pencil for the initial sketch of the piece, then used acrylics for the whole painting; I worked on watercolor paper and a map printed on a printing paper
How did COVID change the way you moved around? My relationship with public transit changed.
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