COVID Mobility Works

Memories, not Dreams

Artist rendering of COVID experience
Santiago, Chile

I got sent to a farm during Covid, and there, every morning, I began to walk.  Slowly, through bumpy dirt roads and puddles. Now I can see that my walk, through the bumpy, muddy, and rough terrain symbolizes my life; rough, crazy and straight up tiring. I ended up walking for a charity that turns miles into money, so turned my walking into something good.

The person in the picture walks on a concrete road, symbolizing that they’ve made it through the rough parts. The quote states “The goal is to die with memories. Not dreams.” We’ve made some undeniably crazy memories during COVID, and my hope for the future, is that everyone will find a concrete road at one point. In other words, I wish for just a bit of stability in the future.

Materials used: Paint, watercolor, pen
How did COVID change the way you moved around? I was more active; I walked more, cycled, or rode a scooter more frequently.
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