COVID Mobility Works

My small town during pandemic

Artist rendering of COVID experience
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The picture above is my small town in southern of Vietnam while in Covid. The government just opened for people to start selling, opening services again for people in our city, Ho Chi Minh, to buy supplies while in the Covid pandemic.

The airport start opening again for important fly trips and less people, who have the twice of the vaccine, with important, reasonably reason to get on the flight. Out in the street, there are more people now, but, I'm waiting for the street to be back normal when the Covid haven't appear, shows me the old good vibes when this pandemic is over.

Covid doesn't affect much to me, since I've been always stay in my house, but there are people who couldn't afford for more because of the pandemic, they have to move back in the outskirt, or the other provinces near Ho Chi Minh city.

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How did COVID change the way you moved around?
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