COVID Mobility Works

Saigon - The silence of fear

Artist rendering of COVID experience
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saigon, a busy city with traffics and buildings, one of the most famous cities in Vietnam, was infected by the pandemic in 2021. Doctors were doing their best to save Covid-19 patients. The government was trying so hard to encourage citizens to be calm during the pandemic. And our people followed the rules to stay safe and comfort themselves, their family members, and the community to stay positive.

Saigon - The silence of fear, the term I use to describe this situation is probably accurate. We, the residents, are fearing the same thing, Covid-19. Without help, we couldn't do anything to help the city but stay at home. We're just one of 8.993 million people. Every day, staying inside those four walls, we all feel the loneliness and sadness of Saigon. Those empty streets were supposed to be crowded with people, motorcycles, kids running around.

Now, it's just wild cats, dogs, and a few cleaners with sadness written on their face cleaning the streets. We're all silent, waiting for Covid-19 cases reports on the news, feeling scared. I think it's called the silence of fear. People couldn't do anything but feel panicked and terrified. But there are still heroes, who are willing and able to save Saigon. My photos hopefully describe how empty and sad Saigon was. And mostly, the silence of their citizens, the fear of their people.

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