COVID Mobility Works

Social Distance Difficulties

Artist rendering of COVID experience
Nairobi, Kenya

In  Kenya, where most of the working population uses public transport, a lot has  changed. The number of people allowed in a matatu (van) has been decreased  meaning the bus fair has increased and led many people away from using the vans.

Also the difficulties and education and enforcement are shown in my piece as a man is holding a sign saying ‘soshal distans plis’ I added this to  my work to reinforce the struggles the public faces even apart from covid 19.

All together my composition is supposed to be abstract and vibrant while still having a clear message related to the theme given, I feel like this was achieved and my piece shows both the struggles and the ways that the public has learnt to cope during the pandemic.

Materials used: Acrylic and watercolor paint on canvas
How did COVID change the way you moved around? My relationship with public transit changed.
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